Travelling with the Doctor

Travelling with the Doctor is a short introduction to Doctor Who, a sort of quick guide for those who’ve never watched the show. I made it as a companion to my final dissertation.
I’m planning to make more videos, one for each Doctor.


Sweet Vincent

What would happen if a bag of curious candies with a passion for Vincent Van Gogh were left on the street right outside the Louvre?

This video was inspired by my undying love for Van Gogh’s paintings.

Welcome to the United Kingdom

Ok, I’m not from the UK, I made this for an exam. The only thing the teacher told us was: “Make a videocollage. Something pretty”. And then gave us a list of stuff we had to put in, like lights, layers, etc.
I wasn’t trying to make a video to represent the UK (in fact it’s mostly London), I was trying to pass an exam. So, enjoy.

Snow White and the Queen’s Revenge

Here’s the english translation:
“Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, lived a beautiful young lady with dark hair and skin as white as snow. Her name was Snow White.
The poor Snow White was persecuted by an evil queen, who put a spell on her. But the spell was broken with a kiss- no, wait. That’s not how things went! Now I’m going to tell you what really happened”.

I wrote the screenplay, played Snow White, made the backgrounds and edited it.