Travelling with the Doctor

Travelling with the Doctor is a short introduction to Doctor Who, a sort of quick guide for those who’ve never watched the show. I made it as a companion to my final dissertation.
I’m planning to make more videos, one for each Doctor.


Gol Parades – Contropiede

A series of videos on famous female football players I made during my internship at TRM, a small local tv. I was in charge of the editing, the footage is not mine.


Welcome to the United Kingdom

Ok, I’m not from the UK, I made this for an exam. The only thing the teacher told us was: “Make a videocollage. Something pretty”. And then gave us a list of stuff we had to put in, like lights, layers, etc.
I wasn’t trying to make a video to represent the UK (in fact it’s mostly London), I was trying to pass an exam. So, enjoy.